School Lunch

3 on a bus stop bench
chubby legged Bob Crumb girls
side by side, cheek to Campbell soup cheek
identical in white button up tops
strained stitiches stretched to snapping
over BgH teats
and navy blue skirts
pleated cotton and short, so short
legs… unfettered Jell—O molds
knees… together
thighs… held fast by sweat, fat, concern and no one
a perfect seal
letting in none of that dim sun
filtered through an infinity
of particulates
hung in the L.A. air
decorative tinsel without the glitter
strewn overhead in worrisome fits
and once free it dances down the hillsides
cascading champagne smog
it hops and jigs to bus stop benches
and crowns 13 yr. old heads
in victory wreaths
triple heat
everyone’s a loser
lipstick, blush and uniform
to see it any other way is fatal


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