Victimized Liberty

immobile eyes set the goal
weaker minds would go cross-eyed
in this single-minded irruption of liberty’s slaves
sewing a political philosophy like raining salt
upon the farmer’s field to save the cook the effort
no freedom is too small to protect
the freedom of the cockroach in a free market
of roach motels
we check in, but we don’t check out
our lives, our wending ways
terrified of any dictate on how we live
bomb the mosque
ban civil rights
incivility granted free rein
burn the bible
shred the constitution
liberty must thrive at any cost
and the price is life
the price is justice
the price is right because freedom isn’t free, but
the highest bidder is the winner
in this game of Libertarian checkers
jumping the weak and infirm en route to the Kingdom,
the Kingdom ruled by invisible market forces
like spirit
glimpsed upon the face of churning waters
have faith in it, my friend, have faith
money is liberty
liberty is God
worship it and have no other before it
because life
because the pursuit of happiness
because these are lesser gods
doomed to the double-cross
to die
as time marches into the bog
heavily, deeply on leaden feet, sinking
in a monomaniacal dream
of victims who live for the sake of victimhood


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