The Small Town of the American Right

The American right is a savage village
ripped from texts of medieval history
violently boiling throwbacks upon which the rest of us
do our best to keep the lid of democracy
from blowing off the pot

Becoming increasingly insular,
within their out of date pressure cooker
that they themselves deregulated out of safety features,
nativist and paranoid, conspiracies are under every rock
and they turn those stones
on a manic quest for self-validation,
but reality has no gifts for enemies of reason
for those who cling to superstition
and worship at the altar of might-is-right,
and maintain pointless and petty feuds

Into their small town they constrict
left behind, cloistered
nothing more than curious cultural oddities
to be visited by tourists
interested in the quaintly primitivist
lifestyle of these bygone relics…

Visitors to this inhospitable berg
might hear the wisdom of the village idiot
spitting rancorously from AM band radio,
and see in the public square
a market place of ideas
that has been hostilely taken over
by the free market
that they praise as a god
holding it sacred
a blessed creator
transmuting incorporated businesses into people

The free market made flesh
in the guise of corporations, incorporeal
to speak against this God
is to suggest crucifixion, deicide
no quarter is given to socially inclined apostates
who would question
the absolute inerrancy inherent to it

When the invisible hand of the market speaks
it speaks ex-cathedra
and if it says global warming is a hoax
then it is so
and when it says arsenic in the drinking water is good
then it too is so
but sightseers must hurry
as heresies within their party multiply
and all dissenters are purged
the clock is ticking on Republican Town
as infrastructure crumbles and
infighting increases as
psychopathy becomes endemic and
objectivism resolute
the fragile structure of their
isolated society dissolves
into ever smaller pockets of competitive terrors –
every man for himself,
literally and sadly –
shitting themselves in economic deprivations
their social quarantine brought on by nothing
any less preventable than
a lack of empathy


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