My Prophesy of a Much Improved Humankind

Violent threshold margins narrow, expectedly
as condemnation of aggression increases
in both frequency and intensity
the definition also expands
encompassing numerous acts
once considered part of the scenery:
pillories, stocks, gallows
now unthinkably atrocious
this is the process of progress
and I foresee a day coming
when the antisocial acts of corporations:
cigarette advertising, CEO pay, pollution
will be considered as contemptible as
the holocaust, the inquisition, the slave trade
a day when the misery they cause
becomes another black spot
on the grotesque history of man
just another horror of our ancestors
and what they believed
how the society could not exist
without capitalism’s brutal aspects
because it’s the price we pay in a free world
but this – our present world –
will be judged as a great age of enslavement
in which the chains, torture and rape
were the unnecessary byproducts of a manufactured poverty
of a wealthy hording class
all of whom, individually, at best
are no better than a cruel master
starving dogs to fight
for gristly cuts of cheap meat


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