Mysteries Exist for the Unraveling

Beloved humorless leader
celestial fascist
sick in His – its
obsessive need of praise
so unbalanced by this gross desire
it will bestow those who disobey
with flesh eternal, full of nerve endings –
pain receptors, specifically –
and it will burn them for eternity
their perfect everlasting minds fine-tuned
by His – its
derangement to feel exquisitely the torment
of fire – sulfur searing in nostrils,
distant screams dying in deathless ears
all to feed the incessant illness of Him – it,
a boundless beast unbound, and its disease
is advanced in its followers
who delight in the future of torture that awaits
they who think not as they do
immortality for all, but for all not a good night
for in the immutable ugliness of a character
that creates only to glory in destruction,
to revel in pain, grief and fear
there can be no guarantee assured
no promise believed in that He – it
won’t turn on its worshippers – won’t question their devotion
find it wanting, condemn them sinful
and sentence them, this time everyone, to perish
the salty fury of His – its
abominable egotism –
an ego introverted and disconnected
such a thing as it – incapable of laughing
at Himself – unable to experience joy
or pleasure – a monster revered for
casually allowing the execution murder
of His own Son
is unworthy of respect, has earned none,
and will turn on a cruel dime
to satisfy its twisted and allegedly
unknowable lusts,
this self-asserted God
this abomination shrouded in mystery
beware laughless one
science is coming and mysteries
exist for the unraveling


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