Nut Time in the Nut House

The details of life are interesting
the various ways it interlocks, relates, reproduces
aggregates, competes, exploits, hungers and thirsts
the devil is in the details
and only the devil is interesting
the devil and his demon seed
but life, the vast view
as a thing that happens to be
is not a fancy anymore
than motes of dust
occupying the otherwise absolute vacuum of God’s mind
where too many sages, charlatans and prophets
have, with alarming frequency, chosen to don their space suits,
and cast themselves into that void
and search for truth in the airless emptiness
stumbling upon a sad still gem of suspended shit
hung like a dingleberry in matted ass hair
and enthroning it as ultimate meaning…
small cogs in big machines reveal purpose
grant understanding to the overlying mechanism –
the mechanism behind the gutter phenomenon of life
mechanism – the only ‘ism’ of worth –
obscured from common sense,
the sense only commoners exalt,
base people having base loves for base things
obtained by nothing more than closing their eyes
projecting their minds
deifying what they find
a big macro-sight of limited insight
into the micro-functions of a seething grandiose reality,
encompassing all the infinitesimality
that defines us, the who’s who of the whole shit and shinola of shattered matter
in the pitter-patter
of our precious hearts
as they contemplate themselves, asking important
vexatious questions such as, “To be or not to be?”
never realizing the spermatozoa’s flagellum
doesn’t give a fuck
as long as you shoot first and ask stupid questions later,


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