Saudi America

Fully loaded, fearless to a fault
vein throbbing, eyes bulging, spittle-flecked
portrait of a heart attack
conformists with an unjust cause
preying on women and children
painting targets on those dealt the smallest,
least heard voices
by a system rigged against them from the start
and should they get uppity
call for equality, for rights
they shout them down and shame them
these pampered individualists
of Saudi America
where the phallus is the scepter, the crown and ring
and the vagina is a punching bag for their frustrations
a receptacle for rancid rage

In Saudi America, the mere mention of sexism is whining
sexual harassment is a political tool of the left
used to bully the rugged and virile manly right
to whither them of their masculinity
whether groping the maid’s tits
or trolling strangers’ cocks in airport toilets
they are a godly bunch
fearing nothing
except their divine master’s will
that they reshape in their image
twist into their perverse desires
for the sexual flesh of children
age-cracked tongues probing mouths
not yet possessed of permanent dentition
liver-spotted fingers, wrinkled,
clumsily prodding smooth non-judgmental groins
the virtues of inexperience heavy on pickled breath

A woman is too much for a man unless she’s a girl
there’s nothing scary in a virgin cunt
the holy mantle of their sex can rise intrepidly
to the under-developed task
fully loaded and fearless to a fault
the biggest, grandest, all-mightiest fault
found deep within insecure men –
the fear of their god
the contempt for humankind, a rich fulmination
most specially reserved, in their steadfast bravery
for the youngest and weakest
the defenseless and voiceless
living in Saudi America

Invisible until speaking
invisible unless the strong men
need reassurance of their strength
and they get it
they take it
and someday
they will pay for it
because freedom isn’t free
and the bill will be delivered
from the barrel of a gun



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