Yes, Loud and Clear

Through the repetition of a lie
your guilt to them is proven
an aberration found skulking
in the texts of their religions
a thing condemned of a fool at heart
because it says so right there
on the pages of their foundational document
brilliant simplicity – you can’t be right
because the book says you’re wrong
and before you bring up the obvious
the book also says the book is never wrong…
so there

No choice but to surrender
to the weight of stone
hurled in hard self-righteous fury
by practitioners of a faith
that decrees murder contumely and vile

Absolute certainty makes hypocrisy a tasty meal
consumed in satiety, without hunger
or pangs of guilt

The hand upraised, the swear made
the endorphins explode
heroin lovely and natural
injected most and best when reason is at its
least and worst… worse than
a car bomb
worse than a hijack
worse than dead doctors
far, far more worse and
far, far more common
so much so as to go
broadly in daylight
door to door
book in hand
have you heard the message of our Lord?


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