Candide and Abilene

The first earthly sisters
of whom you’ve never heard
there’s a tale to tell
murder, treachery and cyclic despair
Candide, her time of month,
a gatherer was she
pissed at the easy life of her housekeeper Sis
on the rag – blood on her brain
expunged between her legs
black magic of insufferable moontides
each egg ejaculated
a potential man who will never be
like Onan dumping seed
accursed bitch, ruiner
back from the rough with her basket of grapes,
drying, past season, wrinkled little berries
unworthy of Mother –
mistress of fruits
devourer of knowledge passed through loins
to her daughters, exclusive,
a reason, a light – unworthy Adam
Candide did pick up the horn
the burnt goat skull sacrificed unto the Lord
roasted flesh deep in her broad nostrils
she carried it to her sibling, swung the thing –
swinging with Abilene
bringing the horn deep to her sister
piercing upward, Abilene, her mouth agape
receiving the phallic blow…
a job of killing well done, mirroring,
in part, the act of two brothers
the world left more inbred
sister-fucker, brother-fucker
it’s all okay when it’s God’s way
why do you think
Christianity’s so popular
in the South?


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