Honey Dipped Grapes

Off lips, sprung
like David’s shot to the big one’s brain,
an orally transmitted insanity
craziness compounded of words
gathering as crows into a murder
a murder of words
and the victim is the mind
assaulted, bludgeoned stupid,
falsely imprisoned,
a life sentence that ends in expectant ellipses…
not the dead stop of the period,
closed against the future
after blood stills, cools, pools,
body stiffens, bacteria blooms,
complexion blues and rot ensues…
now is the time of the prison term’s end
that soul flounders free
like a fish flopping in the cosmic desert’s celestial dust
this is the reward of the mad: immortality
alive forever
in a state where a billion years
is as nothing
likewise, a trillion –
a quadrillion to the billion-trillionth power
numbered in millennia
doesn’t even make a dent
in all that time left to occupy
to twiddle thumbs
to stare into an increasingly expansive space
racing away in total oblivion
wasting away in energy loss
and there you are still
in nothingness
with nothing but time
to spend this cruel gift: eternity…
the suffering upon the cross to you
will be as honey dipped grapes


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