pits of the dead
bodies tossed higgledy-piggledy
lying every which way like the aftermath of a
temper tantrum
corpses, thousands rotting – skin and bones
half starved but fully dead
crooked arms, bare feet and genitals, knobby knees and bulbous elbows
legs twisted and intertwined
it’s like a bowlful of sugary children’s cereal gone soggy
all composed of funny animal shapes, but mostly
shaved emaciated apes
sodium hydroxide and water poured like milk
disgusting belching holes of putrid gases
it’s al so… all so…
unGerman, and you’re trying to tell me
these people of efficiency and meticulous order
these people of precision and finely tuned engineering
that they’re responsible for this?
I find it hard to believe
now the German way would be to measure plots
perfectly excavated to the meagerest fraction of an inch
like an Olympic swimming pool
encase the bodies neatly in cling wrap
roll them round and round, bound up like mummies
and laid in careful stacks – passed down
assembly line style
from the shower to the mass grave
stacked like campfire logs… yeah,
nice and clean and no unsightly nudity
that’s the way – if it’d have been like that I’d’ve believed it,
but as it is, this Holocaust thing… obvious hoax, right?


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