I’m a Hungry Animal

Unpredictable and dangerous
comparisons of human beings to wild animals
made by those who won’t accept
Homo sapiens and all other species
are united beasts under one genetic flag
and we shouldn’t feed the bears
because – as our national park service says
they will become dependent
upon the hand of man
they will become incapable of providing for themselves,
but contrarily – as our welfare system says
we should provide for our fellow citizens, food stamps,
when they’re down
in need of assistance
when their children go hungry
and choices need to be made
between paying the phone bill
and eating lunch – but fuck them!
they own phones and refrigerators
and it’s so easy to get a job without the former
and so cheap to go to the grocers, buying fresh food daily,
without the latter, and the case is made
people are bears
and are to be treated as such
money is hard-earned by hard workers
possessed of hard hearts
lacking compassion
dumping kibble in dog bowls
dumping hard-times in gutters
lumping us with animals
unpredictable and dangerous animals,
but especially so
when we’re hungry
and you’re not at home
or are you
and we get startled
and I hope you know how unfortunate it can be
to surprise a mother looking out or her cubs


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