Look to Seward

Skull fragments preserved under glass, silent
testimony to the power of 2nd amendment solutions
elsewhere, a slashed and bloodstained bed sheet
a torn remnant of a history of violence
and a failure of the knife like a machete
forging new paths in thick under foliage,
the simple bowie blade hacked a way
into the future – purchasing possibilities
Alaska – Seward’s icebox –
alive to make the buy
to cut the deal
a sign post on the road
a one-way arrow whose trajectory is against progress
one hundred years after Darwin’s watershed
statehood arrives to the folly
a long ago Republican land grab
cracks like a whip through irrational time
wayward comes the ignorant cunt
south to the contiguous
waging divisive political war, rallying real Americans
around the causes of pessimistic doom and radical denial
cold prophesies of imminent misfortune if…
a negro of white woman born
should ascend to the throne triumphant
pray God curses the abomination
as Photoshopped cross-hairs dance
for would-be assassin’s murderous eyes
from the signing quill of the emancipation proclamation
to new dreams of how we will water
the tree of liberty
guns get the job done
when knives leave us
red-faced atop the shame pole


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