Cut it Out

To say “Christianity is based on the Bible”
is a falsehood,
it is the Bible that comes from Christianity

Writings on ancient papyrus and parchment
out of the double-millennia distant wilds
inked by faithful devotees
of this new religion
growing like a canker on the old one
in an attempt to explain, document and disseminate
the ideas important to them

Hundred of sacred texts spreading
some coalescing into canon like a bacterial sludge,
correct belief, hand-picked, and as for the others…
cast off, condemnation
toxic fruits to the increasingly rigid rigors of faith,
and as those of the early Church chose and judged
what books appealed to them
in their time
we, now, can exercise selective power
in our time
picking out those prejudiced nits of the past
grown to full blood-sucking parasites
in our present, festering hatefulness
lice violating the sovereignty of government
a divisive pollution seeking to turn sinners
away from democracy’s watering hole
by poisoning it for everybody…

Rip the sickness from its verses
tear out the heresies against modernity
cleanse the disgusting rot from its pages

The Bible is yours; you are not its
do with it as you would a disobedient dog
train her right, teach her to obey
to play well with others
because every time she bites
it’s shitty owners who are to blame
dog’s just doing what dogs do
the real problem here is you


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