Hello Childhood

Desecration of a page ripped asunder
little wonder why we gasp at life’s blunders
fall down, scab your knees
kick up dust at whom you please
eat a vector of mosquitos on picnic
in the dusk of sorrows
all I ever asked was to turn to ash
life, luxury and how we live it
is much more than what we’re given
insofar as not a breath of this is deserved
but at every insult we are abused
by no grace, no whim are any of us here
no clear foundation – nothing true
depraved, callous, sad
cartoons depict us mad
paradise is a thing of pussy-failed men
eternal erections
women obedient
who never laugh at your small Islamic cock
or its tendency
to shoot off before it’s dug
into the folds, the furrows
into the woman
into the virgin’s cherry holds
in the end we like to delete
the errors from our lives
but when they overcome us
it’s hard to spare a dime
we are weak; we are fail
hamburger questions encounter
ground beef answers
in the far and wide insides of love
you will never have…


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