Sadist’s Paradise

Civilization deregulated
by the destructive anarchic impulse of cowards
who see in others, only threats ¬–
diffidence driven,
fearful of the loss of their privilege,
they terrorize
out of their own terror
an eyes-popping, jaw-dropping dread
of equality –
in no country born of the enlightenment
is there room for men (for they are mostly men)
who hammer back against progress
and would rebuild dams
to temper and control the flow
bearing down upon their world in a cold wave
of anxious panic that unleashes
irrational hostility they disguise as politics and economics
Abbot and Costello meeting Frankenstein
possessed greater composure
than these fear-mongering prophesiers of doom
running blindly rampant
trampling all charitable extensions of the state
breaking pro-social bonds as if a guarantee of the
imminent collapse they predict
as they praise
the USA
as the greatest nation ever on Earth, they denigrate
its people,
subject them to 2nd & 3rd class citizenship,
mark them as illegals,
cede government authority to the banks,
allow the degradation of its water, air and land,
worship market forces
no matter how crude and selfish as they praise
this USA
they attack state control of health, of justice
all the while tightening its grip on morality
on conduct, on choice to turn back
the tide of time
on the civilizing processes of history
to normalize torture, legalize animal cruelty,
delegitimize emancipation
criminalize homosexuality
virtuize the death penalty
and penalize women for the effrontery of being women…
these men: unchecked, unchallenged
would take us back centuries
into the fearsome counter-scientific darkness
of inquisitions, crusades and witch hunts
of blasphemy, heresy and apostasy
debtor’s prisons, bodies on the coals
warlords on horseback
rape rewards for service and loyalty
scourging, humiliation, impalement
institutional sadism, wars of genocide
suffering will be the new global constant
as the ancestors of these men
who we allow to get away with it today
take rule over the counter-cultural future of fear


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