Pork Foreskin

Why He?
Why a Father?
Why a Son?
Why a human being?
Why a familial relationship?
Why a virgin?
Why an egg and sperm and pregnancy?
Why birth?
Why the sermons?
Why prayers?
Why the preference for water over wine?
Why loath the Canaanite woman?
Why spurn the Greek?
Why fish and bread?
Why flesh and blood?
Why betrayal?
Why torture?
Why death?
Why three days of darkness and punishment?
Why Hell?
Why resurrection
Why ascend?
Why so provincial?
Why then, of all times?
Why now, the 2,000 plus year wait?
Why come back?
Why judgment?
Why an end?
Why the fuck just not?
I mean, seriously, dude?
What’s with the big one-man show?
Is all the world a stage?
And you’re the principle actor upon it?
Building the set?
Forbidding the fruit?
Why not forbid a rutabaga?
Or a porcupine?
Did it ever occur to not create sin?
To save yourself the trouble?
What a silly production, killing yourself, but no…
TA-DA!!! – It’s an illusion! I’m not really dead, and… wait for it…
I’m my own dad!
Nice trick,
I guess you really pulled it off.


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