Incredible Hole

Days spent searching in already explored ruins
I know what’s there and don’t expect to find golden relics
kicking amongst detritus, sifting for words
all that’s left of me, for me
are new ways to express my disappointment
share the rage of my impotent inner ape
who sits chomping leaves and sticks
gaze dropped to his curled black toes
fully aware but unwilling to face
the advancing bulldozers of his future
but he is comforted by knowledge of his nature
because he knows the high likelihood of,
although it’ll be too late, ripping the balls
and chewing the fingers off
the first overly assertive interloper
to draw his soft fleshy bits
too up close to an animal, munching twigs,
limp with despair, but has one last mad savage erection
left in him – a glittering construction,
a glass and steel tower erupting from primitive rubble
like the last desperately flailing rocket to the moon…
but mostly expression is given no form
and the song in my heart slouches out my asshole
better that than put on record, on airwaves and digital streams
to afflict all the world’s ears
and beg them to get me,
what I have to sing about,
the value of that golden relic in our genetic ruins
the monkey in our family tree
who will stick it in a beehive just to feel alive
to feel the burning sting of a thousand lances
before surrendering his wildfire
to evolution’s mysterious call to arms,
ascending the skyscraper, breaking cloud cover
finally in open air, in isolation and at peace
above it all, for once
but this cannot go uncontested and out come the others
suited up in splendid hostility to bring it down
serenity broke, swiping at jet fighters
strafing the rooftop
of the last magic castle rudely defiant toward reality
like middle finger upraised
bombs rain, reduce the refuge to a smoldering pit
a mass grave of memory
a grand canyon
an incredible hole
near dead ape dick down in the dirt
gives it a last expiring thrust –
no longer disappointed with his impotence
for as the kids like to say,
“fuck the world.”


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