Life in Syndication

Failure to reject repetition
dooms us to history,
to the breathless admiration
of backwards barbarians,
among them our forebears,
and savages

In our understanding of the past
must come condemnation
for its nonchalant letting of blood,
oceans of it,
menstrual moon-tides of manly gore –
depraved carrion lapping tongues,
emerging from violent red surf,
wrestle crimson slugs
in the struggle to be last
to be the winner
to lick its message in time’s sands

Beached words, dying
a dead heavy mass, disconnected from home
by ancient memory –
memories of glory and honor
swelling up in the breast of man, robust
like zombies rising from long unmarked graves…

Oh, look! Here comes Pride,
a bullet in the brain fixes that fuck,
sends it back to death, and there’s its brother, Patriotism
a neckward swing of the ax
re-inters that retro-necro-shit

Duty bound by bonds of progress
we are
to terminate these terrors
wherever they return to life,
for if left ignored, a slow shambling virus
feasting upon all hopeful prospects of the future
will return us to darkness
to unenlightenment
nothing more again than the living dead
a horrible history reborn
the same old show, over and over ~~
one that wasn’t any too good the first time around
LOST in syndication,



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