Why We Watch Movies

We are not allowed to look at human faces and we watch movies instead
pigeons preening on light-posts snap a smoke-feather free
against harsh blue bright sky it drifts white
lost in light to the silent white jet plowing
into a petite tight white cling wrap clung Japanese ass
that turns the corner at 50 and York
how the eye wanders over all these bodies canned in clothes
when your wife works all the day and baby escape comes only at night
to the bar where you’d rather be less than any other time
soaking up skirts like lamp shades illuminated through
where you can see crabs a leaping pube to pube
without complaint for want of blood, wanting tenderly
down ingrown-forest-of-hair thighs
that harbor the finer meaning of trench warfare stains
crimson and shit-streaked remains on pantie-body-bags
cladding cunt, cross, Christ and crematorium class
all in time for the curtains big reveal: your only friends
projected for your perusal, for your approval, for your sick objectifying
disdain – faces ogled like asses, eyeless and nonjudgmental
like the wink concluding the peep show on the other side of the two-way mirror



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