Hallowed Be Thy Fed

here you have the secular state
and the sacred church there,
but now we’ve got a lot of highly vocal people
who would like to se them
neither here nor there but together
Godly authority vested in the state
now, what’s weird
is these anti-separation of church & state people
tend to be precisely the same sorts
who malign the government
display open contempt towards it
frown upon it as illegitimate
get angry over public services paid for through taxation
they despise federal regulations
for crippling business and industry… So…
I’m sure you can see where this is going,
why is it these folks would then
like to see the Fed enforce religious dogma
dictate biblical interpretation and meaning
and would a tax by any other name cost them less
would they feel better about paying their fair share
if it was good for their soul
say, in the area of an 80% tithe rate
on all income… also, since this would be God’s land
you’re going to pay property tithes
big time on those –– and there’ll be an indulgence fee
on all purchases, food included
to guarantee a heavenly blessing
upon your consumer goods
after all, it won’t be easy funding heresy police
and every child: red and yellow, black & white
their divinity school doesn’t come cheap either
and the finest ministers of the well-funded
department of homeland theosophy all agree
insurance and wall street and market speculations
all are clear treacheries against the divine will
the wages of sin are the losses of liberties
wicked, impious children will be whipped by the state
raised by the state
imprinted with the values of the state
is this your big tea party dream
because, believe me
when the government gets into the Jesus business
their Jesus and your Jesus
may not be entirely simpatico
and their Jesus will kick your Jesus’s god damned ass
never to be heard from again
as your children report you…
the crime: high apostasy
the penalty: to be determined by the Inquisition Czar
and yes, lest we forget
those prohibitions on cruel and unusual punishment
horrible secular law that… and gone


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