Fearing Me, Fearing You, Ah-ha!

Fear is the way to fascism
Who is telling you to be afraid?
Who is pointing to others
and telling you those others
are the cause
of all your problems?
The fascists are they
who whisper these things
who exploit, manipulate and scapegoat
it’s them – the criminals of freedom
the traitors of liberty
constructing a warped state in which
our neighbors are spies
fellow citizens enemies
where people are designated true or false
real or fake, legal or illegal
fear immigrant, fear woman
fear voter fraud and gun control…

Blame can be laid upon a thousand doorsteps
like a flaming brown paper sack, like a burning cross
frightening them who frighten us,
and once the fuel of temerity is exhausted
we are left with cold ash and shit
and they will find for us a reason
to be scared of even that…

We must quiver in dread, hearts leap into our throats,
tremble in cold anxious sweat, light-headed
at the very thought
of people, anywhere, who are in their own small way
different from us – and for them all
we harbor our special classico riserva hate
the hate only a fascist can feel
for the anti-fascist, colliding in space’s vacuum
annihilating each other totally
and then they have made of us, them


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