Class Rebate

The feelings at the edge surrender to the center
a failing, falling forever inwards
ungrazed lands, luxuriating ever in splendor
front lines surrounded by locusts
middles give way to extremes, to violence
to peace – the shell game goes to the winner
who is sure where it is not
our families and fortunes gnaw past the root
like hunter birds tearing worms from Earth wombs
sucking up the Hooverishly comfortable
middle income
middle class
nonjoyous laughs
as the clown is hung, drawn and quartered
in the public square of debate, that has
given way to the blue light quest for rebate
where we celebrate the victors, us losers
unseen by the cameras of 24/7 channels
who allow no fiction to be left unturned
when non-fiction narratives prove
bitter honey bees to swallow –
evict the union thug and board up her home
pass her wages up the trickle down chain to profits
wells of the poor are best left dry
those who idly drink are better dead of thirst
than contemplating
discovering and understanding
their demise is a product of collapse –
a collapse upwards to the upper class
but, please, shit, don’t mention them – that’s warfare.


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