Marionette Theater

Taut neck tendons pulse, elongate, contract
in the reporter’s neck like mechanical inner workings
of an advanced movie set puppet
jaw flapping, eyes blinking, mouth smirking
by remote control
she keeps her hands clasped
elbows held at identical angles
vertebrae aligned, standing straight
holding her blonde head motionless
save for facial twitches – an arched brow, a squint
the only sign of emotional life
hair like a Playskool Little Person
plastic, immobile, eerily separate
as if a wig of wax
somehow trained to express concern
as lifeless as a Real Doll – another toy example
except I cannot accept
this one possesses ovaries, a cycle
can bleed
I’ve met Flesh Lights more vital
having deeper personality
quicker wit, slyer charisma
model and pose and read off the phonetic teleprompter
human nature is difficult to compose,
but the depth of illusion need only go so far
for will a dog not hump a man’s leg?
Will a man not ejaculate onto the magazine’s page?
Do not wars break based on false intelligence?
And if a false intelligence can report false intelligence,
then is not the case for endless war made perfect?


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