We The Unwanted People

I am at lengths to explain
the lengths people will go to explain
all matter of astonishing bullshit
they inexplicably assume to be not bullshit
be it pixie dust, bigfoots or
be it black helicopters…
be it singular creation, magic
aliens or be it panspermia
hard eggs in brine have better laid logic
maggots in wounds have better made plans,
trees in forests have greater privacy,
than the socially isolated retards
of the ruling class
who save for their future like pickling veg
who plan for health by means of parasite
who hide like oasis palms in the Sahara
fastidious in their deception of themselves
complete in the lies told to followers
absolute in baseless convictions
no ordinary idiots could be as such
no wonders match consumer lust
massive swollen balls do not elephantiasis make –
thickened and cracked epidermis,
in appearance so ele-phant-ee,
is the namesake of the disease – the disease of the grand old elephant that
calls on the fire to extinguish the flames
infuriates flames to quell engorged fires
pumped up on ever-loving brute force
brung down in low wallowing denial
of bread and hunger and shooting seed
giving unto the galaxy what needs to need
cock to explode
mind to unload
fevers of times unforjizzened
reel it on home
into the mansions of the only class
fit to rule
like a king
a queen
a corporate billionaire ¬–
anyone who won’t deny the charges
of bulls
back to the wall
up against the street
where our strengths
are clearly not
the unwanted people,
we the… etcetera…


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