Loss and Gain

Correct the correction
distract the distraction
elide the elision
like Laura Scudder’s peanut butter
smeared like the Marquis de Sade’s
crap on a rat trap
life’s fecundity breeding in the attic
creeping in the cellar
the plump suckling mother
alone in the dark
life pump titties nourishing
the blind – granting sight
to hopeless squirming young
altricious, desirous, hungry
from them I steal milk
broken neck
call PETA 9-1-1
mewling mammals sick
with nature’s indifference
crying for Darwinism to be, please,
other than it is: uncaring, callous, true
nobody ever said reality is fair
sturgeon outliving man
Methusalah fish
trees recall sapling days
watching the smoke of their predecessors in
Alexandria burn
human knowledge ridiculously fleeting
passed along on papyrus, yellowed
piss stains of age
instruct the instructions lost in flames
the how to of building a better mouse trap
gone with the wind fueled burn
ashes of ancestors on the breeze
drifting down to earth
fertilizing the soils of renaissance dreams
when the past rebirth’s history’s confusions
to confuse them
to erase superstition
eclipse dark ages in sunlight
to correct religion’s errors
to distract pious cretins
to elide the lies
by the cycle of loss and gain
granting back to us rats our vision
of eternity


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