Fist down in fetal dirt
digging homebirth graves
naturally rewinding
the 21st century in disrepair
scientific advancement plundered
to the despairing will of ignorant women
terrified of technology’s march

They long for a forever ago
unladen by babies
for whom mother Earth can’t have her way
in an age of medical miracles
they long for god’s will
to be done unto them
as they would do unto the unborn
certainty in the past
worshipping ages long ago
hindered by irrationality
by belief in determinacy
that whatever will be will…
be it as it may
flowers unattended
pollinated by viral strains, of corrupt thought
that consume sense
devour futures
and believe in an endlessly believing fury
lives unlived are far and still better
than professional hands
groping in horrible cunts
where a child is better dead than delivered.


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