Reservoir Gods

religion is an ignorant thief, chiefly
removing such treasures from the public as
knowledge and freedom
around minds and governments
it builds prisons
and creates a bold herd class
of the aggressively anti-intellectual
those not content to quietly contemplate their faith,
but who are irrationally compelled
to ferociously legislate against all free people,
treating as a blight: liberty, equality and justice
curtailing happiness’ pursuit
they dictate and condemn, arrogantly
propped up by their beliefs
they are immodest, unquestioning and unyielding
relentless in their drive to model society upon their fantasy
intolerant to other views calling their views into question
absolute in their conviction –
conviction, a source of pride,
but also unmistakably their downfall,
and pride comes not before
but as – certain of their innocence,
they are found guilty
contagions of shame, darkness, misinformation
and ultimately – theft
stealing from science education
ripping people off of life’s choices
kidnapping the minds of the young
and falsely imprisoning them within bogus histories
until the Stockholm Syndrome kicks in
and the stolen youth
identify with their abductors
become terrorists themselves
commit the same old stale crimes, gleefully
in the name of all that’s sacred and holy
for the well-being of all
for even those who die
when the perfect crime goes wrong


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