Selflessness is Not Always a Virtue

Fat Karl, putting his pinko dink down the slave-hole
is this where he gets his ideas
about the owners screwing the workers?
commie cock – thesis
maid minge – antithesis
squalling bastard conception, Manifest Kommunistischen – synthesis
lardy soft hypocrites in luxury
full of their ease and idle thoughts
each and everyone a rare gem set into a hip flask
filled full of moonshine cut with bootleggers’
blood and engine oil – dipstick a swizzle stick
stirring up revolution, confusion, self-immolation
swallowing lotus blossoms under the Bodhi tree
a big bald baby in a diaper, spoiled ingrate
bubbling high on wealth’s wisdom to the poor
embrace your poverty
abandon worries and self
will this work for the working class?
the Buddha and Marx square off in the ring
body blow, fist to gut, tug to beard
sweat, bruises, swollen closed eyes
speaking no common language
except that of privilege and education
time to think – worth dying for and killing
father knows best warriors, panting breathless like lovers
upon their backs, sharing a Marlb red, but Karl
has a final coup – surreptitiously he empties the flask
into the tank, ripping the chord and
chain-sawing through the enlightened fool’s tree
as the Buddha hyperventilates his ass to verticality
to wrestle the Chainsaw from the first Marxist’s clutches
this wonderful machine of tireless teeth, this buzzing tool of violent action
this means of production
the Buddha holds it now, little lost pampered prince,
and knows what he must do
for the good of his class
happiness never decreases by being shared
but power does
he gives it all away
and strikes the Jew down


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