Gimme x3

Membership has its privileges
like God’s precious chosen few
the corporation smiles upon you
prayers like dollars
cash is worship
praise holy money
sing it in a song of tithe
first class, blessed
business premium
in the preferred program
line to the sky – to endless wonders
of surplus stock
‘My Walmart ‘tis of thee
vulgar sweet piety’
like wishes
like blessings
‘like’ us on Facebook
and receive the Father’s love
50% off coupons
member rewards
an avalanche of desires
hopeful and lusty
towards one goal – gain
against all others
on streets of gold
card rewards
buying sky miles
purchasing indulgences
by self-serving brand loyalty
a frequent flyer escape
from temporal punishment
of the common yahoos
clambering up the platinum plus ladder to success
in sight of the Kingdom
the apocalyptic utopia of prizes galore
gimme times three
unhappy and wanting to the end


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