Relentless Trajectory to Afterwards

Dispensed grains of corn and wheat go through
the hourglass, go
downward by design’s default
gravity insists the bottom become bigger
ever grander in its expansive majesty
the fattest asses claim nature’s prize
against the impotent will
the thinning masses dead aim on life
trickle down only trickles within
hungry system’s structure
on railways and through intestines
nature knows its course well
as it courses away, always, from
those who need most
to they who want it all
like nova stars burning out planets
full of bounty – exploding in cry baby fits –
they are empty of empathy
thoughtless consumers
eating mightily
shitting down vast mountains
in which the lesser may climb
for meager crumbs of cake at the top
where the kings of poverty dine on polder
reclaimed from seas of trash
and the misery of billions
so that the hundreds who remain
may fast forward on their senseless and relentless
trajectory to afterward
where the dead await
their one and only grim prize
in a Heaven of credulous coprophages


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