Paradise Dross’t

Aftermath desires
rebirth as today’s messiahs
a mixed bag of sorrowful futures
spun to remix, remake
everything old isn’t worth the effort
it never was
but we want the past
a craving out of control
yesterday’s love is castor oil
all we need of tomorrow, spewn from history
match it up
feel it up against what’s felt
there’s no understanding like the present
unless interference is run, confusing now
confusing the current
con and fluent
counter expression
knowledge falls apart
happy and ignorant in the garden
as it has always been best for it to be
a man is a vacuum
a vacuum is the last extreme of death unfulfilled
and what else: purple and moon and love
fire in the grill
pulchritude in the mill
seven minus seven is a null bit again
not to be forgotten
the possum on the roadside rotten
painted like a clown is until
the sunsets on and on alone… in a void Earth
Happy enough at home.


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