Meat Lover’s Supreme

In wooden toys there is a cruelty
whittling cougar, deer, elephant
all the animals of the ark
from once majestic cedar, oak, pine
an animal supremacy
carving images of itself out of the plant
kingdom like man molded
from the kingdom of God
little toy soldiers of Heavenly meat
engaged at war, race hate, genocide
dramatic clashes of grief and pain
placed in the hands of a child
bringer of death
granter of redemption
two by two, cramming them on deck
the big floating zoo –
cut from trees for the animals’ salvation
against the insane desires of a holy mad Monarch
who has chosen to wipe out all life
but not quite
in a globally grand deluge
lightning and thunder and hail and rain
forests of sequoia and eucalypts submerged
three hundred foot kelp
swaying in deep current
silently like old ones asleep
ancient deities dreaming revenge
sculpting baleful baby Bonzais out of drowned animal remains
crawling steadfast on roots of cartilage and blood
small hearts beating in their branches like war drums
climbing up the Bastard’s great chain
to choke Him upon the fetid flesh of his own sick reflection


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