Notes From a Schizotypy Society

Thankful in the reassurance of faith
transformation through revelation
telepathic communion like a proto-amphibian
eye-balling the great beyond the sea
where bushes burn and issue burning commands
instructions unto the infidel
dying in jihad

Society’s hysteria is Alexandria on fire
drawing magic numbers in the ash
to control the future by means of intense thought
directed extra-sensorily to the animals
to perform God’s will
carrying the olive branch over mountain beached boats
disgorging its contents – 2×2:
chupacabras, bigfoots, passenger pigeons
and Rocky Mountain locusts, to multiply, swarm
and descend in a religious war recreation
cavalries riding unicorns
subsisting on moon cheese fodder
crash into scientific towers, engineered reason
crumbling in terror dust
souls haunting ground zero
fluttering and drifting, lost ghosts
awaiting a channeler
to tell the living the dead forgive their mad crimes
on winds ascendant to Heaven
on tractor beams ascendant to the stars
in the flight of angels
in the flight of aliens
into the tunnel, beyond reason and extinguishment
fantasy for you, forever and ever we are pleased and prone
warmed in beliefs encapsulating shroud


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