Corporate Sharia

Ten a penny counter cultural kill
hell’s in heat – demon fucking trends
faster than the kids can buck them
under rose and blue dyed hair
elongated nipple studs on leather gowns
fishnet bitch hatcheries
entangle Satan’s seed
en route to heavenly uterine implantation
right next door to the belching bowels
which never, no never
can receive an uncut blast of rat-fizz spunk
from the heathen, gentile, dirty Canaanite cocks
high in the desert winds
like a tower and its twin
O, Allah fucking akbar
dust away the sick of others
O, Allah fucking akbar
pull down science walls
string high infidel balls
erect in their stead Sharia’s
hard plagiaristic laws
faster than the kids can break them
faster than ululating women can break sonic hymen
in the temple of Abraham’s cunt cracker’s covenant
falafel and matzo… munch, munch.


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