The Job Creators

Money is a tool of discrimination
as sure as posting the
“No Coloreds Allowed” warning
outside the diner;
the same as banning Jewish land ownership
exclusivity is the domain of the privileged
the powerful squashing the powerless
putting ‘them’ in ‘their’ place
special elite forces of nature
keeping the lackey down
suit and tie dress code
five dollar cups of coffee
priced out of consideration
worthiness based on bank

the rich and the poor
prejudicial divisiveness
just as white knew what’s best for black
rich knows better than poor their own good
unable to purge the master/slave dichotomy
from their world view
they condescend and patronize
patting the po’ boy on his back
and ruffling up his hair
you little dickens
let me tell you about the dignity of work
work that’s tailor-made for someone like you

work for you, granted to you
as your right to work by the rich
who go by another name now: The Job Creators
a sacred class of economic angels
don’t judge them unfavorably
their responsibilities are great,
beyond any petty worries of common laborers
who just need to shut up
about any of that unionization crap and do their jobs,
created by those who also determine the job’s value,
decide what a fair days pay means,
and gives it to – gives it to you hard, bitch –
Who’s your daddy? Come on! Who’s your daddy?
The man holding the whip, that’s who…
exclusivity, baby
rich white men only… CRACK!


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