Phot-finish Fascists

In defense of slavery,
particularly the trade to the Americas,
many a jingo bigot
has taken it upon himself to point out
Africans were selling off their own
as if this alone is justification
as if they believe their fellow Americans,
the CEOs of Lockheed, Halliburton and Bain, for example,
wouldn’t sell away ten million
of this country’s poor and powerless for profit
as if money for its own sake
cannot trump every conceivable morality
cannot motivate the despicable treachery
of condemning a man to life as another man’s property
for another man’s fortune
for a down payment on his mistress’s cunt
purchasing diamonds from slave-labor mines
don’t they look lovely on you
as sweet as a child’s rape tears

as perfect as the hydrological cycle
running raids on ghettos and trailer parks
swooping up braying baby girls for whores
for oil wealthy billionaires
looking for their most beautiful Aishas
preteen boys swept away to Indonesian sex farms
descendants of African slaves
despicable children of Ham
disappeared behind the walls of Mormon fortresses

the rich have never forgiven Lincoln’s grave betrayal
robbing them of the ultimate in conspicuous consumption
the buying and selling of other human beings
power sharpened, buffed and polished
to cold razor perfection
perfect power in the hand’s of God’s perfect men
pure, privileged, white
to deny them their divine right,
an outcome of the war of northern aggression
was a great and bloody crime
resulting in senseless slaughter
such loss of life and property rights an affront to capitalism
to free markets
for one hundred fifty years they’ve waited
biding their time in overseas sweat camps
stockpiling the world’s wealth and weapons
into as few hands as defensible
becoming more vocal, blunt and arrogant
preaching state rights and corporate personhood
like holy sacraments
the denial of which is akin to the demonic Fed
dispersing troops
to take our guns and suffocate white babies in their cribs
confederate sympathizers openly seek office
and swear to uphold a constitution they despise
to undermine from the inside
a confederacy of fifth columnists arising
spreading fear, insanity and paranoid instability
over radio airwaves
through media manipulation and ownership
smearing the opposition
ignoring conflicts of interest
lying to their supporters
pumping millions of big business dollars
into the carefully orchestrated veins of grass-roots movements
where impoverished Caucasian dupes
cheerlead lower tax rates for their financialist masters
who greedily await the ultimate day
when their ultimate plan
matures to full fruition
and they can without pretense, conceit or deception
finally, simply and honestly enslave their credulous supporters
as they so fully deserve


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