What is the weaning of strife?
What is the gleaning of wife?
What is the preening of knife?
What is the meaning of life?
Why are tea jeer?
Why are key leer?
Why are we here?
arrangements of words
asking questions because they can
as meaningless as a spider
crucified inverted upon an asterisk
worshipped by arachnid devout
hoping to enter the kingdom of celestial web
where wingless flies stick
to the soles of weightless shoes
incapable of squishing
where slumbering giants never awake
and no mates request your flesh in trade
of seed
where water spouts are eternal dry
cans of Raid ™ shoot aerosol blood
and beakless birds raise tail-feathers in salute
all eight eyes forever see
trap doors never fail to open for believers,
but for the others
the unfaithful
rain and stomping in a terrible cycle of mutual causation
death and dread pouring
hunting in the ruins of dessicated insect
the wretched and itsy-bitsy,
paying for want of devotion
to the slobbering fanged tyrant
of their lunatic bug-sucking creation


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