The Optimist Club

How can it be justified?
by stupidity or willful dismissal of reality
when all the world’s
injustice, lies and belligerent hatreds
get occluded by an up-beat attitude
it is the failure of a species to comprehend
its always imminent peril
pessimism works where dipshit optimism
plays in the bullet riddled bodies of its childishness
wear a sunny disposition
believe in the general goodness of human nature
accept God, soul and life ever after
as you grin your way toward oblivion…
without negativity there is no power
no charge, no light by which to read
the other side of the story
for it is no virtue this positivity –
but miasma, a blight
a suck off an AIDS infected tit
all too eager to fill a glass
half-up in smoke and mirrors and retribution
half-down in the dumps, with it, to it, and out
out of outlook in rosy horse blinders…
trot along my perky darling, trot along
after that smiley face on a stick
ever after, you are almost half way not there
and that reminds me
if I’m filling a glass and the task is 50% complete
then the glass is half full
likewise, at the midpoint of emptying a glass
the glass is half empty
it’s a matter of direction
not outlook
in outlook, the half empty glass
is half enjoyed, half celebrated, half way to salvation
it’s the better of the two
so now, finally
in regards to this pissing contest between
optimistic and pessimistic
half full and half empty,
fuck off…
my cup is drained, bladder full and I will win
this piss.


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