Arch Nemesis

A bricklayer’s crescendo
sticking it into the arch
retreat, smile, a job well done
is to be destroyed by progress
what once was excellence
falls into obsolescence, forgotten
as heathens topple old gods
erect new, replace cancer-riddled traditions
change always hurts
healthy cells die with the diseased
camel hump mastectomy
ridden hard
laden heavy by final straws
shit is always piled high
sculpted into needle eyes
mixed, swirling – sucking thick inward
to mortar
for archway construction
the mason gods demand
what once was be preserved,
but old ruins are never truly renewed
fortified by rebar
roped off from the acid hands of tourists
rummaging roughshod through antiquity
always comes the time to move on
to surrender old prejudices
dispose our triumphs on trash heaps
as the future churns them into failures
bad minds’ best thoughts in bad times
it’s okay to get better, to get good
we are the builders of tomorrow
rolling on roads stretched out from yesteryear
a past like confetti, ripped from old headlines
torn to shreds and tossed skyward in celebration
that’s how we do it, children
cheers to your tomorrow, please
excuse us, if we’re slow
getting out of your way


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