Root of All Denial

No justifications of tender young leaves
excuse a hateful thirst born in knotted old roots
the ethics of a happy ending
cannot compete, hedonistically,
against the miserable journey there,
but to not pretend otherwise is madness.
humans always exist at the end of the hook
cast from time’s geologic depths
we have been the worm
we have been the fish
now we are the Homo Sapien, assured
this is it – the perfect coda
tacked onto a long brutish trip, arising
from ancestor’s who dodged extinction’s broadsides
with cunning and aplomb
to find a home in this present world
of men, semen and kumquat trees
where we squat, wank and refresh ourselves on fruit
in an era of ease and comfort,
clipping our toenails and bitching about the cost of butter
what do we do to the memory
of our billion of years of forebears
when we so callously deny they, and the epochs they lived in,
ever even existed… we make beasts of ourselves,
heartlessly pissing upon countless graves
of our relations, our heritage – the legacy writ in our DNA
we may as well go kick our great granddad’s
low-hanging testicles straight up his asshole
for all we respect of history’s biological triumphs
over the grave – over the centuries
we are the spoiled mewling offspring of far nobler generations
as we yawn and unscrew the cap off another Orangina,
they put parched lips to dewy thistle
as we recline in the light of a flickering wide screen,
they cowered in the darkness, ears alert to death’s stealthy maneuvers
as we sit on a church pew chanting magic words,
they worked through trial and error, constructing
the foundations of language
now used to argue against their existence
their works – their struggles – their lives
From whence came our obstinate refusal to accept facts?
Ultimately, the blame falls to them
all the worms and fish of our past
tangled up in our animal roots,
pumping up through,
nourishing the modern dissonance
that resonates so easily in the young and freshly sprouted
in the fearful and egocentrically hearted
as a truth greater than the sum of hundreds of millions of years
all the false positives and patterns incorrectly recognized
that saved one of the animals of our ancient family
nestles in our genes, putting bad lenses to the senses
the accidental genesis of all conspiracy, paranoia, OCD, schizophrenia
and most harmfully…


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