Detroit and New Orleans are Mere Harbingers

When young it was a given
when the cities went they would go
in sudden pyrocumulus columns
flapping at heaven’s underbelly
like a fairy ring of hairy membranous wings
and not as they are –
economically consumed by amber waves of prairie grass
in the withering wake of
industrial collapse or
subsumed by greedy seas
seeking vast tracts
of prized real estate or
gutted by ghetto creep, stinking
like an expansive mildew stain
fueled by a private drain upon
what small scraps it ever was the public had –
as schools fail
as hospitals shutdown
as drug clinics go bust
as buses and trains rust
as libraries burn for fuel
as police flee for the countryside
as religions cast blame
and men are strapped to goats’ backs
driven by force of stone into desert wilds
there will I be laughing at this disgusting
race of brutes who grandly deserve
each misery, each grief, each pain and violent repercussion
self inflicted upon themselves
by means of willful and hateful ignorance
the same as a newborn infant deserves
everything these fucks have slowly reduced to nothing
but archaeological evidence of wasted ruin


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