Good Faith

Alien temptations lure you past velour curtains into tawdry parlors
doubtful of absurdity, you immerse your world in deep meanings
turning out your pockets,
and stuffing yourself sick with all the vulgarities good faith can buy –
reassurance of your central importance
planets twist through star-houses
and transmit secret messages:
do not turn down an opportunity for a new acquaintanceship
a wise investment will pay off if you practice cautious reserve
now is the time
to make your move on that important decision
you’ve been putting off…
O, the wisdom of the stars
all focused on you and what’s right for you
thrown across the sky by a hand straight from your heart
the dead never die, they live in a game to entertain
yes, yes, no – spirits guide the oracle
the web over your bed
entangles the ones seeking to plant mischief in your sleep
ancient Semitic virgins play peek-a-boo
in the wood grain of your closet door
as you take advice from the bottom of a tea cup
and make requests of invisible servants, hands entwined
in a grand gesture of enfeeblement
a deck of cards deals out the times of your life
while upturned palms explain your wealth, love, health and fate
you drink human blood and sup man meat
yet are considered harmless, peaceful and loving
and as strange as this all seems
no one is calling you crazy


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