Pattern detection failure
too common a malady
it isn’t a recognized disease
as a mental disorder, but
as a survival trait
recognize danger
the sundried variants
on the path to death or debilitation
and an organism succeeds
even when wrong

The screech of car brakes
send you running from the crosswalk
for the curb, but the skidding automobile –
a block away – nowhere near your path
isn’t a detriment – whether or not –
you leapt from the imaginary threat
the pattern detection failure did not fail you
survival is assured whether you act or don’t
conversely, however, don’t move
when the two-ton steal grill bears down…
say nothing more
it’s better to fail against a false pattern
than a true one
it’s in the DNA if not the DSM
problems arise, as so many do, in the group
when the herd finds false patterns
it will lead the mob
into ruin
vast and sweeping labels will be applied
un-American, terrorist, fifth columnist
commie, socialist, inhuman monsters – nuke ‘em all!

Pattern detection failure in a crowd
is stampede
is feathers and blood spewed through the jet engines grind
is a million dogs humping on a million legs
is semen spatter on a magazine page
is dollar bills called lettuce and bread
is grilled cheese Christ
is cliterectomy, ghosts and God
is a nation bowing its head to the chopping block of hope,
individuality and personal liberty
in one hysterical gesture while
calling for the state’s continued roll in execution
to assure our freedom against the tyranny of state funded healthcare
Who needs to seek a pattern
fucking obvious,


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