Sharing is Caring

Look, buddy
listen, pal
see me through
hear me out
feel my pain
smell my rot
the decrepit meat decay of my youthful dreams
bitterly transcribed by end-game lepers
upon the dried skins of their forebears
like post-mortem tattoos
illuminating their own
abraded pasts
slowly crumbling
hard tack bread in puddles
of semi-fermented sweet fluids, bodily ones
of ancestral piss, bile and snot, soaked up,
softened for toothless bites…
Buddy, look
it’s all of it true
pal, listen
and it’s all good too
When you lack the imagination
for bad
see me through by bearing my pain
hear me out by sharing my hate
join me in my rot and embrace my anger
I want you to be mad like me
dream death like me
hurt like me
I need you, please
Buddy? Pal?
So your answer’s no?
Well then shit on ya!


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