Fettered Freedoms of Choice

gas-bloat wisdom passes over
a stinking mist of smarmy self-inflation saying,
“you don’t have to gamble to play,
but you’ve gotta play to gamble!”
a turd like hail-pearl accreted in an asshole
drops from the feculent cloud
careless for the man who’d rather stay out of the game
off the side lines
and play book free
in favor of a disruptive run
streaking across the field erect
to rape the referees in their Sunday best
this does not, however, hold field position
as the next scat-fall sputters earward,
“lead, follow or get out of the way.”
I would, except
leading is for leaders
and I am not that
following is for followers
and too, I am not that
what I am is a getting-in-the-wayer
again, common wisdom quits me of its grayless paradigm
It might just be time for me to “make it or break it”
in this case at least, the easy choice is the one I choose


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