Blood Market

The sack thickly inflates, filling, filling me
I have made a career out of this, no, not quite,
it is my job, spinning white out of red
my career is bafflement
at the sucking of the tick
at this fluid trade
kindness for cash
mercy for money
generosity for greenbacks
posters on the wall tell me I am saving lives
making life possible
a middle man savior selling souls wholesale
ensanguined riches pumped for pay
a pipeline in the wilds from me to the living
to freedom from death
in this free market of blood
there is cost that must be paid
drained from the poor
queuing willingly straight to the machine
like slaves into the smoking jaws of Moloch
we’re plugged into it
bleeding out to the last drop
everything vital and vibrant slowly beaten out of us
before anything is given in return – so they’ll be very sure
we’re thankful for it
when it comes, as the twenty crosses my palm,
I say it:
thank you – thank you my Master
this is trickle down economics
trickling right out of us into a system we feed but cannot afford
a system of hell – a system of health – a system of bloody health to be paid


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