Encyclopedia Etruscanica

Face lifts, tattoos and tit jobs offer all the salvation of Christ,
which is to say: none.

Heroin’s repast is the anti-heros anti-journey
through peep booths and jack shacks
into the jaws of sawbuck blowjobs.

She raises her head from your lap,
smiles and tries to ask you how you like it,
but to her horror and yours
she has no teeth.
They’re on your flagging erection,
dentures encircling your cock,
like the last bratwurst at Oktoberfest…

and I bet you never knew
how those false teeth could sing

and I bet you’ll never know
where those false teeth have gone

the whore is a lost civilization
the writing on her arms went untranslated

the chanteuse is a dead language
cryptic and indecipherable

the woman is a statue too long exposed to the elements
worn smooth, cracked and crumbling
a featureless art to puzzle over
on one of those days when there is still time
for ruminating on the enigmas
history leaves us
snapping at us out of the past
at our soft bits that at the right times
and in the right places can still feel,
can still mourn,
can still hear the dead in song


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2 Responses to “Encyclopedia Etruscanica”

  1. jefe Says:

    Slam dunk! Other sports references that point out dominant winning perfomances! Excitement, etc!

    Which is my early morning way of saying, I really like this. *applause*

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