Poetry for CHUD

You are welcome for this advice.
You have the power to elevate
your sewer brothers
out of their despair and brackish sewage lives
by putting down empowering verse
upon the page and then
into the gutter
like a postal slot
into the damp and dark below
the hidey-hole of detestability
of cannibalistic monsters
who need a rhyming couplet of hope
to cling to like a badly gnawed leg
of the last homeless sleeping
on the river’s concrete edge
safe from cops
from minuteman vigilantes
and biting ants
but never from CHUD
who feed where they can
and read seldom
for CHUD haven’t libraries.
Forget them not my fellow poets
and commit your hard labor of words
unto the feculent flow under the streets
where rats, over-grown alligators and
are the captive audience your shit has
always sought


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