Whipping Boy

up the socio-economic incline
money takes the punishment for the crime
a dollar for an eye
an eye for a dollar
when the prince has been naughty
to the proxy goes the lash

wealth is a whipping boy
a shadow in which the guilty hide
as injustice is performed upon the innocent
in an impoverished theater of the grotesque
the poor know better enough to avoid
to put on their own play
a vigilante fantasy made too real, lawless
competition, diffidence, glory
uncivil medievalism
where the punishment for disrespect is capital
new lords of the inner-city, honor-driven
correcting perceived insults
retinue in tow
existing statelessly, there is one recourse
the battle-ax takes to the street
splitting skulls and cleaving new turf
this is the way now and this was the way then
no lord has ever been more than crime lord

accumulation of power
is attainment of privilege
the ability to buy other options
like law
and the manipulators and enforcers of it
where finally – from this new perspective –
justice prevails


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